January 29, 2011

The inspiration for this blog came from my desire to document my family recipes.  They are so delicious and relatively simple and I firmly believe, if you can follow a recipe - you can cook!  Check back often as I will be updating this page often!

Family Recipes
  • Rosa's Arancini (rice balls)
  • Rosa's Pasta Carbonara
  • Dina's Tortellini & Thanksgiving day stuffing
  • Giovanni's Lamb Shanks
  • Cathleen's Corn Dip
  • Vee's Empanada's
  • Jen's Veggie Salsa
  • Sejla's Caponata
  • Rosa's Pasta Al Forno
  • Maria's Polenta with Ragu
  • Janet 's Famous Coffee Cake
  • Ted's Napa Salad
  • Zia Dina's - Sfingii, Pizza Dough, Ragu, Pasta Dough
  • Marie's Mac N' Cheese
  • Gina's Nut Cups
Ethnic Dishes
  • Falafel - Have always wanted to try this
  • Baklava
  • Pad Thai
  • Pierogi - Both potato based and dessert