Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still here!

A lot going on these past few days!  Unfortunately, not much cooking - well at least nothing to write about. I had participated in a food challenge and made a chicken salad which was phenomenal.  I promise to post about it.  It had cucumbers in it..I would have never put cucumber in chicken salad but it was really good!  My little one is set to have surgery on Monday.  My house is stocked full of ice cream, ice pops, jell-o, yogurt and soup.  Can you tell someone is having their tonsils removed?  One of the food items on the "approved" food list are Chinese egg drop soup.  So I am going to give that a go this week.  I am also part of another food challenge and will be making a Mexican Rice side dish.

As for my family table.  I have a pasta dish that I want to make with dried peas.  We are also approaching St. Joseph's Day.  My family always makes Pasta con le Sarde (Pasta with Sardines) for this holiday.  It's a traditional dish served on the holiday.  It is delicious...I kid you not.  The ride to "Down Neck" is made to get the  Sardines and the sauce that is made from it is out of this world!  Just wait and see ...


  1. ooo i'm excited to see the st. josephs recipe...i bet my hubby would love it. oh, and st. josephs also means the san giuseppe zeppole! mmmmhmmm. i hope the surgery goes well...and S (i think its S) feels better quickly! lots of vibes to you and the hubby, too =)

  2. Looking forward to the St Joseph's day pastries....Hope Miss S has a speedy recovery! Give her extra hugs & kisses from us!